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The Etherphonic Theremin Orchestra, formulated in 2016 by director Barry R. Morse, is a unique ensemble comprised entirely of eight (8) (and growing!) space-controlled theremin instruments. Players are volunteers from the local community, chosen by an arts presenter, wherever the ETO gives a performance. Some are theremin players themselves and play on their own instruments. Most are first-time players who, in workshops prior to the performance, are trained to control the instruments and follow the director's hand signals in order to perform specific musical gestures leading to group improvised soundscapes sculpted in real time by the director and performers together.

The Etherphonic Theremin Orchestra is available to perform at colleges, universities, public schools, art galleries, festivals, planetariums and special artistic and civic events. While in residence, director Morse also provides lectures on the theremin and contemporary and experimental music, improvisation workshops, music composition lessons and anything of educational and performance related interest to the institution sponsoring the ETO.

For booking information and to discuss a specific program please contact Barry R. Morse at:


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