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March 31-April 3, 2022: Rossum's Universal Robots by Karel Capek (1922), New River Players, Dustin M. Mosko, director, Bodenhamer Auditorium, Jacksonville, North Carolina


The Etherphonic Theremin Orchestra: L-R: Broody, Robin Edley, Andrew Ledford, B.R. Morse, Nicholas Fonville, Claire Nunemacher, Kaitlyn Trott (theremins)


Playing the HPD-15: L-R: Kaitlyn Trott, Broody, Robin Edley, Andrew Ledford, Nicholas Fonville, Claire Nunemacher

Stylophone solo: B.R. Morse




Robin Edley, Andrew Ledford


Isabela Estigoy, B.R. Morse: sound FX , electronics and music cues

Isabela Estigoy (unnamed robot): Foley/electronics


L-R: Olivia James (Helena Glory), B.R. Morse (unnamed robot), David Betancour (Harry Domin), Kaitlyn Trott (Sulla)


L-R: Broody (Marius), David Betancour (Harry Domin), Isabela Estigoy (unnamed robot: Foley/electronics), Kaitlyn Trott (Sulla), B.R. Morse (unnamed robot: music cues)


L-R: Broody (theremin/Marius), Azel Solomon (Alquist), Robin Edley (theremin/Nana), Andrew Ledford (theremin/Busman), Olivia James (Helena Glory), Isabella Estigoy (Foley/electronics), David Betancour (Harry Domin), B.R. Morse (ETO director), Christopher Beanum (Dr. Gall), Nicholas Fonville (theremin/unnamed robot), Carlos J. Valle Diaz (Dr. Hallemeier), Claire Nunemacher (theremin/Helena Robotess), Taylor Christiansen (Dr. Fabry), Kaitlyn Trott (theremin/Sulla)


Front Row L-R: Josh Hilman (Primus), Olivia James (Helena Glory), David Betancour (Harry Domin), Andrew Ledford (Busman/theremin), Christopher Beanum (Dr. Gall); Back Row L-R: Dustin M. Mosko (director), Robin Edley (Nana/theremin), Claire Nunemacher (Helena Robotess/theremin), Broody (Marius/theremin),

Isabela Estigoy (unnamed robot/Foley/electronics), Carlos J. Valle Diaz (Dr. Hallemeier), B.R. Morse (unnamed robot/music cues/director ETO, composer), Ny'sean Fowlkes (Radius), Nicholas Fonville (unnamed robot/theremin), Azel Solomon (Alquist), Kaitlyn Trott (Sulla/theremin), Taylor Christiansen (Dr. Fabry), Kaman McCoy (stage manager/sound mixer); Not pictured: Ariana Light (video operator), Rayna Mercurio (light/sound operator), Attiyya Hassan-Hussein (set logo designer), Play Production 170/171 (technical support), Amanda Kennedy (marketing/design)

Photos: copyright 2022 by Dustin M. Mosko, used with kind permission

September 21, 2017: Pygmalion Festival, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Stage 5

L-R: Joel Plutchak, Jaime Hutchinson, Nolan Vallier

L-R: Jaime Hutchinson, Nolan Vallier, Emily Hoch

L-R: Nolan Vallier, Emily Hoch

L-R: Gloria Raubel, Jason Finkelman, John Nichols, Mark Enslin

L-R: Gloria Raubel, John Nichols

Gloria Raubel

Jason Finkelman

John Nichols

Mark Enslin

Photos: copyright 2017 by Henry Radcliffe

August 21, 2017: Eclipse Magic Celebration, Champaign Public Library, Champaign, Illinois

Allen Wu

Edwin Hadley

Heidi Weatherford

Nolan Vallier

Scott Schwartz

Joel Plutchak

Mark Enslin

John Nichols

Photos: copyright 2017 by Ralph Childs

May 6, 2017: Orpheum Theatre, Champaign, Illinois

L-R: Tad Boehmer, Jason Finkelman, Jamie Hutchinson, Allen Wu,

Barry R. Morse, Tom Faux, Kendall Knox, Joel Plutchak

Allen Wu

Joel Plutchak

Tom Faux

Tad Boehner

Jaime Hutchinson

Kendall Knox

Photos: copyright 2017 by Henry Radcliffe

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